torsdag den 4. november 2010

Jeg har ikke rigtig kunne deltage i alle pressedagene der har været her på det sidste, fordi jeg er på skole lige for tiden og har rigtig travlt med at ordne min nye lejlighed. Men i går passede det lige ind så jeg kunne nå forbi til COS SS11 pressefremvisningen. Kollektionen var helt fantastisk, der var virkelig mange ting der røg direkte på ønskelisten, faktisk var det over alle forventninger :) Især den aller første hvide oversize kjole er et must-have for mit vedkommende!! Arrangementet i det hele taget var også rigtig fint, dejlig mad, frisk juice, goodiebags og søde mennesker :) 

3 kommentarer:

  1. fed kollektion! :-)

  2. Hi! If I got it right you are living in Copenhagen or somewhere nearby? If it's so I would want to ask for you some questions. So I'll visit Copenhagen in December (27.12-1.1.) with my friend and we would like if you could give us some tips where should we go or what should we see? Anything from shopping to galleries, anything you would visit if it would be your holiday. It would be great if you could tell us something that we can't find from internet but it's still worth seeing! We are also celebrating my 18th birthday (FINALLY) and the New Year's Eve there so I'm eager to find out that where should we go then (clubs, bars, which one?), especially in New Years Eve. I'll be grateful if you could answer my questions! Thank you already! :-) You have a great blog, keep it that way!

    A girl from Finland

  3. Caroline: Heeelt vildt..!!!

    Anonym: I would go to "Kødbyen" to party, ist right behind the central station of copenhagen. Also "Christiania" is a very nice place to hang out, party and eat in nice restaurants. But there is in generel a lot of nice shopping and bars in central copenhagen. I like also a restaurant called "Café Bopa" in Østerbro - Copenhange, they have the best burgers of all time. About New Years eve im not sure where to go, i am always at private party's, but i am sure that there is partys all over town!! And you also have to go to "Tivoli", its a fun park in the middel of the centrum that is very nice in december with santa claus and everything :) .. And also "Copenhagen Ice bar" is very funny and untraditionel.. But check out the internet, there is some very good guides there.. And sorry for my bad english :) Hope you will enjoy your stay..!! C